webWHAT is a Crowned Heads “Road Show?” We should start by saying what it is NOT. ‘Road Show’ is not an “event.” You won’t see a tray of cold chicken wings, sub sandwiches, or Hooters Girls at a Crowned Heads ‘Road Show.’ ‘Road Show’ is not a ‘cigar rolling demonstration.’ ‘Road Show’ is not a “Buy-3-Get-1-Free” afternoon hosted by a nice man wearing a company polo shirt. ‘Road Show’ is not bells and whistles, it is substance with respect to the artistry of premium cigars. ‘Road Show’ is a look into the world of Crowned Heads, an extension of our philosophy, a soundtrack to our brand, and most importantly, an opportunity to experience the cigars that our existence revolves around. Simply put, ‘Road Show’ is about cigars and the way  we approach them. No two ‘Road Shows’ will be the same. ‘Road Show’ is not a “tour” based upon a single template, set to auto-repeat, done over and over again. Each ‘Road Show’ will be a unique mix of one-day only special deals featuring Four KicksHeadley Grange, J.D. Howard Reserve, Jericho Hill, La Imperiosa and an ever-changing selection of Limited Edition Crowned Heads apparel and merchandise. The one constant, however, will be the cigars of Crowned Heads.

Roadshow Schedule 2017

June 29 | 4pm - 8pm
Sunrise Coast Tobacco
Flint, MI

June 30 | 5pm - 9pm
Tobacco World
5717 Saratoga Blvd
Corpus Christi, TX 78414
(361) 992-4427

June 30 | 4pm - 7pm
Burning Leaf
Columbus, OH

July 6 | 5pm - 9pm
Jenuwine Cigar Lounge
Sterling Hts., MI
(586) 997-1731

July 7 | 5pm - 9pm
Jenuwine Cigar Lounge
Royal Oak, MI
(248) 291-5634

July 20 | 5pm - 8pm
Jungle Jim's
Fairfield, OH

July 26 | 5pm - 9pm
1101 Cigar Lounge
Schererville, IN

July 27 | 4pm - 7pm
Lake County Cigars
Delafield, WI

July 28 | 5pm - 8pm
Rudy's Cigars
Fort Wayne, IN
(260) 451-0115

August 10 | 5pm - 9pm
The Smoke Stack
Moon, PA

August 11 | 4pm - 9pm
The Cigar Den
Pittsburgh, PA

August 25 | 5pm - 9pm
Jungle Jim's (Summer Cigar Classic)
Fairfield, OH

August 31 | 6pm - 9pm
Ray's Wine & Spirits
Dayton, OH

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